TONES Magazine

TONES Magazine Project Overview


TONES magazine endeavors to both showcase and elucidate the intriguing world of colors. This edition particularly zeroes in on the color green, exploring why it is synonymous with nature and what it signifies in various contexts. Additionally, it delves into how certain animals have adopted green hues and how this color is represented and utilized in contemporary design.


The art direction of the magazine is meticulously focused on the nuances of green itself while also highlighting complementary colors like blue and yellow, the primary components of green. This edition features a bold typographic style and the strategic use of gradients, lending a dynamic and modern visual appeal. Each article is not just an informational piece but a story revealing deeper insights.




Special Feature 

Moreover, this issue includes a mini booklet that educates readers about unique green species, enhancing the thematic exploration of green. This comprehensive approach ensures that each issue of TONES offers readers both aesthetic pleasure and insightful content.