Presenting a thought-provoking A2 poster that challenges perceptions and sparks a conversation about equality. This cleverly designed piece juxtaposes words typically seen as opposites, inviting viewers to explore the deeper connections between them. From ‘apple’ to ‘orange’ and ‘girl’ to ‘boy’, each pair confronts societal labels and the ironic twists in our understanding of equality. ‘Civilized’ meets ‘barbaric’, ‘old’ pairs with ‘new’, and ‘rich’ aligns with ‘poor’, showcasing a powerful message: our differences do not define our worth. Ideal for sparking dialogue in offices, educational spaces, or as a bold statement in your living area, this printable poster not only decorates a wall but also decorates the mind with its message. Embrace the equality and beauty in diversity; add this captivating artwork to your collection today.

Tracy Hale